STEAM Reports

Visit Moray Speyside, and our predecessor Moray Speyside Tourism have commissioned an annual visitor summary and economic impact report since 2010.

The visitor summary, or STEAM Report, is produced by Global Tourism Solutions using information supplied at regional level and from the VisitScotland national occupancy monitor.

It is only these figures that apply only to Moray Speyside. All other national level information includes Moray Speyside as part of another region, or region(s).

You can access annual visitor summary going back to 2013 below:

Business Barometer

The Moray Speyside Business Barometer is a quarterly survey of business sentiment across the Moray region.

The quarterly survey obtains feedback from business operators across the region on a range of aspects including ongoing performance and confidence in the future.

The Business Barometer is produced by 56 Degree Insight on behalf of Visit Moray Speyside Ltd, the Destination Management Organisation and Tourism BID Company for the Moray region.

Click below to see previous results:

  • Business Barometer Quarter One 2022 (PDF File)
  • Business Barometer Quarter Two 2022 (PDF File)
  • Business Barometer Quarter Three 2022 (PDF File)
  • Business Barometer Quarter Four 2022 (PDF File)