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Campervan, motorhome and caravan holiday advice in Moray Speyside

Moray Speyside offers award-winning stretches of beautiful beaches and scenery that will make your road trip the trip of a lifetime. Moray Speyside is the ideal destination for a campervan holiday however we want you to enjoy it in the most responsible way possible.

Before you set off on your journey, please make sure to brush up on the Scottish Outdoor Access Code as well as finding out how you can be as responsible and as eco-friendly as possible while you travel around Moray Speyside and any of our destinations.

Read the guidelines from CaMPA who offer helpful advice about where to stop when you are travelling in your campervan as well as disposing of all the waste you may create whilst on a trip at one of our many sites.

Make sure to be a responsible camper

Please remember to:

  • Plan and book ahead. It’s always useful to have a plan B ready.
  • Be considerate. If you arrive somewhere and it’s fully booked, contact nearby campsites to see if they have availability. Please don’t stay overnight in an undesignated area.
  • Always take your rubbish home with you and pick up after your dog. 
  • Keep a safe distance from any land management operations.
  • Be very careful not to disturb or destroy a plant, bird, animal or geological feature.
  • Don’t damage or disturb our beautiful cultural heritage sites.
  • Be a considerate driver and learn the rules of the road before travelling.

Don’t light bonfires and take care when lighting barbeques as these can easily get out of control. Take extra care around natural hazards and ALWAYS clean up after yourself.

Campervan Waste Disposal Facilities

Campervan waste disposal moray. Some of the caravan and motorhome sites in our region offer waste disposal facilities for motorhome waste. Please note that sites may charge for this facility.

Holiday Park/SiteTownFacilities
Silver Sands Holiday ParkLossiemouthWaste Collection Points, Chemical Waste & Waste Disposal
Findhorn Camper Stopover FindhornBlack and grey waste disposal points and fresh water available on site *

* Due to a barrier being in place at the Findhorn motorhome stopover site, there is no vehicle access to the Service point.  There is limited parking (best early morning or late in the day) for the service point which can be accessed via a path approx. 40ft from car parking.   

Black and Grey waste disposal will be with cassette only and fresh water – containers

Findhorn Campervan Stopover Point

There is a campervan stopover point in Findhorn operated by the Findhorn Village Conservation Company which will be open from the 26th April 2021 in line with Scottish Government guidelines. 

Between the 26th April and 16th May 2021 it will be operating a first come served facility for up to 21 motorhomes, when vehicles will be able to stay for a maximum of 2 nights at a cost of £15 per night. 

There are a maximum of 21 spaces.  

Bays are clearly marked on the ground, grey gravel with white markers and are spaced in line with fire gap regulations, please do not park between the marked bays. 

A booking system enables visitors to a book and pay for up to 2 nights. An ANPR system allows you to enter and leave for the duration of your booking. Payment will also be able to be made online.  

Find out more and Book online

There is no waste disposal point available at present. Please ensure you have sufficient onboard capacity for your waste for the duration of your stay and dispose of waste responsibly .

The public toilets on site must not be used for motorhome waste disposal.

Forestry and Land Scotland ‘Stay the Night’ Locations

a picture of a campervan - Visit Moray Speyside

Forestry and Land Scotland (otherwise known as ‘The Forestry Commission’) ‘Stay the Night’ has now closed for 2021. This scheme offers Motorhomes and campervans that are self-contained and have their own toilet facilities the ability to stay overnight at some of their car parks from 26 April – 31 October 2021.

You can stay for one night only at a time between 6pm and 10am. If you would like to visit outside these times, additional parking charges may apply. You shouldn’t return to stay the night within 48 hours.

There are three ‘Stay the Night’ sites in Moray:

More information on FLS Stay the Night scheme