The Moray Speyside Business Barometer is a quarterly survey of business sentiment across the Moray region

The Moray Speyside Business Barometer is a new pan-sector business survey launched in March 2022 to chart the sentiment, challenges and health of region’s tourism operators and wider business community over the next two years.

The quarterly survey obtains feedback from business operators across the region on a range of aspects including ongoing performance and confidence in the future.

The Business Barometer is produced by 56 Degree Insight on behalf of Visit Moray Speyside Ltd, the Destination Management Organisation and Tourism BID Company for the Moray region.

Business Barometer Quarter One 2022

This data set covers the period from January to March 2022.

As this is the first wave of the barometer, and the first time the survey has taken place in Moray Speyside, we can’t yet comment on a comparative basis, nor do we have data from previous periods.

If you would like to take part in future waves of the Moray Speyside Business Barometer, please contact us using the form below. Our survey partners will get in touch with you to explain the process and timing of surveys.

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