Visit Moray Speyside Limited, the Tourism BID Company Board – Directors 

The Board will represent the diversity of the region’s tourism businesses and industry and so size, type or location of your business is no barrier to involvement.

A seat on the BID Board will by no means be an honorary position; it will involve active participation and involvement in all aspects of delivering the BID Business Plan. It will require attendance at meetings and a willingness to work closely with the BID Management team who will be delivering the projects and services on behalf of the BID.

What does it involve?

  • Oversight of the delivery of projects and services laid out in the Moray Speyside Tourism BID Business Plan
  • The strategic direction of the BID
  • Ensuring that the Company is operated in an efficient and effective manner
  • Ensuring proper financial management and transparent decision making
  • Monitoring performance of the Tourism BID company against its objectives and publishing the Company’s Annual Report
  • Making amendments to the projects delivered, should new opportunities or changes in circumstances arise in the best interests of the whole business community.
  • Adhering to a Code of Conduct relating to the position of a Director on the Tourism BID Board, including completing a Register of Interests on taking up the position.

Terms: The positions on the Board will be voluntary and unpaid and Directors will be expected to attend all Board Meetings (at least 4 per year) for a minimum period of 3 years.

What skills will I need?

The Tourism BID Board needs people with a passion and for our incredible region and its amazing assets.

Desirable skills on the Board include financial management & accountancy, legal, marketing and public relations, human resources and fundraising.

Nominations for Directors have now closed. 

An announcement will be made on this page in due course regarding the appointment of Directors.