An evening of truth, lies and revelation.

Theatre of the 7 Directions’ new play ‘Confessions’ will be staged at Universal Hall this month.

The audience can expect a thrilling loudspeaker announcement at the
start: “you are locked in and cannot leave until you have confessed”.

The voice doesn’t say what has to be confessed, and why, but it is clear that nobody can go until 12 members of the audience have made a full confession.

We have all did things that we are not proud of, and most people have hidden
secrets. Anything can happen at a show like this as the confessions that come out will not be pre-scripted.

Attendees can pay what they like between £8 and £12 in advance via EventBrite, or at the door in cash.

This play is not suitable for anyone under the age of 10.

This eco-play is a result of an ecotheatre course that took place from October 2023
to January 2024. Focusing mainly on monologues, 12 participants took part. One of
them travelled regularly from Contin, over an hour’s drive away.

Different acting techniques and exercises were taught over the three months to
encourage full embodiment of character. An aspect of personal development is
incorporated into the creation process with the actors guided through self-reflection
and overcoming obstacles such as feelings of embarrassment around performing in
front of others.

Some of the actors had theatre experience, and some had none. The text was
completed by director Laura Pasetti and the cast:

 Henrietta Bocskai
 Diana Brockbank
 Leah Davis
 Julia Dethelma Lay
 Sasha Duhoux
 David Edgar
 Siobhan Floyed
 Mohini Frankel Hutton
 Joanna Legard
 Wendy Richardson
 Sylvia Robertson
 Joan Wilmot

The proceeds from this event – after covering the costs- will support Theatre of the 7 Directions to make possible other courses and shows in the future.

Universal Hall

The Park, Findhorn
IV36 3TZ

+44 1309 691170