The Cabrach

Nestled within the picturesque embrace of Moray’s landscape, The Cabrach beckons you to a world where time stands still and nature’s enchantment reigns supreme. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of this charming village, where history, tranquility, and rugged beauty converge in a symphony of sensory delights.

The History of the Cabrach

The Cabrach is steeped in history and boasts a rich tapestry of tales from centuries gone by. From its humble beginnings as a remote farming community to its pivotal role in Scotland’s whisky heritage during the Prohibition era, every corner of The Cabrach whispers stories of resilience and evolution. Explore the remnants of old distilleries, walk the paths of pioneers, and let the past come alive as you traverse this living museum of heritage.

The Cabrach Trust

The Cabrach Trust champions the preservation of the village’s stories. Plans for a Heritage Centre at Inverharroch Farm were set in motion in 2019. This center celebrates the estate’s history and memories of days gone by, a tribute to a region now sparsely populated but deeply significant.

The Trust is steered by a committed Board of Trustees, alongside a dedicated and knowledgeable staff team that passionately creates projects dedicated to the rejuvenation on this historic and beautiful land in Moray.

The Discovery Trail

Experience nature and heritage on the 2km all-ability Discovery Trail at Inverharroch Farm. Enjoy views of Lower Cabrach, a wildflower meadow, and a nature hide. Take a stroll along the River Charroch and Deveron, reaching Blackwater Bridge for a picnic. Convenient parking at Acorn Centre Car Park. Open year-round for all visitors the stunning discovery trail was officially opened in June 2021 by the Lord Lieutenant of Banffshire.

Cabrach Distillery

Due to open in 2024, the Cabrach Distillery and Heritage Centre is the major project undertaken by the Cabrach Trust and will truly breathe a new life into the community. The massive project will showcase the craft and alchemy of making whisky whilst also telling the story of the historic region and the communities place in the early days of whisky distilling. The project will generate permanent employment to the region which has not been here previously and also attract thousands of tourists to the once forgotten land. 

Explore the Cabrach

The beautiful lands of the Cabrach are perfect for exploring. After you have completed the discovery trail why not head up to the EDF Dorenell Visitor Centre. The visitor centre is an amazing place to learn about the work that is happening to combat climate change and is also the starting point for a number of different long distance walking routes.

Next door to the visitor centre you’ll find the workshop Barrell Creations whose unique pieces of furniture, wine and whisky display cabinets and outdoor furniture are created out of 30-50-year-old whisky barrels.

A 10 minute drive north of the Cabrach you’ll find Auchindoun Castle which is a must see for lovers of historic sites.

The Cabrach Trust – Project aimed at regenerating the Cabrach as a thriving, sustainable community.