VMS 2024 Tourism Conference

The Moray Speyside tourism conference, will be held on Thursday, March 14th, 2024, at Elgin Town Hall with an expected 100 attendees from both within and beyond the region. Among the participants are representatives from various sectors, including hotels, visitor attractions, self-catering accommodation, and specialised tour guides.

This year’s conference will be hosted by Helen Smith, Byres Farm who will open the conference and introduce the distinguished lineup of speakers:

Gemma Cruickshank, CEO of Moray Speyside: Will share insights and strategies for advancing tourism initiatives in the region.

Michael Golding, Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions: Will provide updates on work from ASVA.

David Jackson, Regional Director for VisitScotland: Will offer a valuable update from VisitScotland.

Kelly and Adam from Haim and Awa: Social media influencers, will explore how businesses can effectively engage with bloggers and influencers to amplify their presence.

Andy Macdonald, MacMoray Festival: Will discuss event creation and offer insights into organising successful festivals and events in Moray.

Angharad Rogers, Town Centre Taskforce: Will provide the latest updates on efforts to rejuvenate Moray’s towns and enhance the visitor experience.

The conference aims to foster networking opportunities, facilitate knowledge sharing, and inspire collaborative efforts to further develop the region’s tourism sector. Attendees will have the chance to engage with industry leaders, gain valuable insights, and contribute to the ongoing success of Moray Speyside as a premier tourist destination.

In addition to engaging sessions and discussions, attendees will enjoy a delicious lunch provided by Badenoch’s Bar in Elgin, offering a taste of one of the region’s best.

For more information contact info@morayspeyside.com.