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Hello there, I’m Amy—a proud native of Moray, hailing from the ‘bonnie toun’ of Forres. Guiding has been my passion since 2017.

My fervent love for connecting people with our land was ignited during a transformative moment while traveling in Australia and tuning into the captivating series ‘Outlander.’ It was a catalyst, awakening a yearning to reconnect with my Scottish heritage and the soul-stirring landscapes that define it. This longing led me back to Scotland, where I wholeheartedly pursued my love for guiding.

Driven by a desire to weave tales and forge connections, I found solace and purpose in showcasing the beauty and heritage of Scotland—a career that resonates deeply within me.

But my most thrilling adventure to date has to be launching Atom Tours. Anticipation swells within me as I eagerly await the world’s engagement with the essence of the Atom Tour brand. The prospect of sharing this journey with everyone fills me with boundless excitement and enthusiasm. I am also a proud member of Clan Leslie.

On tour I am fuelled by a passion to unravel the mysteries of our past and bring them to life, painting vivid portraits of ancient clans, stirring tales of folklore, and the timeless allure of this rugged terrain.

Join me on a journey where each step unveils a new chapter in Scotland’s story, where the misty glens and craggy peaks serve as the backdrop to an immersive exploration of our heritage and traditions. Let’s wander together through this land steeped in history, forging unforgettable memories along the way.”

So let’s dive in and explore the beauty of Scotland, knowing that your journey and our website will continue to evolve together. Feel free to reach out and let me know how I can make your experience with Atom Tours Scotland feel right for right now.


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