Logie Steading Art Gallery is delighted to welcome back Jack Spowart.

Jack specializes in producing portraits of landscapes, drafting in pencil following on to paper. Then the inking process can begin.

Jack says: “My passion for the outdoors has taken me to the far reaches of Scotland and beyond. I enjoy exploring new places, this can be by foot, bike or on the water. Photography is important to me for capturing memories and interesting compositions for use in my artwork. From an early age I’ve been captivated by the outdoors, and it will always be my go-to activity when I need a change of environment.

My most important values as a practicing artist are adventure, creativity, and happiness. My work is designed to inspire and evoke memories within a person. It will lead them to a memorable embrace of a time or place. My work is meant to spark happiness within a person. Exploring different perspectives and looking at natural compositions in nature is fundamental to my creative process.”

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