By working together, we aim to build an economy focused on human and ecological wellbeing. Can the people of Moray create place of health, fairness and belonging for all? Our communities and environment would thrive, and the economy should serve our shared purpose.

Can we take any inspiration from a new film about Denmark? ‘Denmark: The State of Happiness’ by Lesley Riddoch

Danes are judged the happiest people on earth, with the world’s best energy system, a GDP per capita almost a third higher than Britain, more bikes in daily use than the Netherlands, a swim just 15 mins away from every Copenhagen resident and state-run TV that changed the face of drama with Borgen, the Killing and the Bridge. Yet Denmark is small (with about half Scotland’s land mass and the same population). It has less oil/coal/gas to fuel its economy and lost an empire – just like Britain. Yet the Danes have bounced back to become the modern, eco-leaders of Europe. How did they do it? And what can we in Moray take inspiration from?

Elgin Town Hall

1 Trinity Place
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