Discover Cullen and grow your photography skills with help and advice from our in-house photographer Jess Charlesworth.

Led by Jess Charlesworth, the photographic walks will focus on different themes and subject matters. The first theme covered is long exposure photography.

This is a beginners introduction to long exposure photography. You will be taught how to capture landscapes in a completely new light, achieve the “smooth” water effect and explore further into the technicalities of your camera.

What you will need to bring:

Camera (preferably a DSLR)
Tripod (essential, however if forgotten, we will have one available to use)
Suitable waterproof shoes
Appropriate clothing for the ‘indecisive Scottish climate
A Neutral Density Filter would be useful, but not essential.


We will meet at the Cullen Harbour Masters Office (adjacent to the Harbour toilets) just round the corner from Cullen Sea School where you will need to park.

Take the stairs to the left of the Harbour Kiosk/Toilets. Click on this map for the location.

How do we spend the two hours?

Introduction (20 minutes)

Discuss what you already know and what you would like to gain from the session.
A talk on how to progress off the automatic setting and use the other settings available to your advantage.
Practical (1 hour+)

As a group, we will venture into Cullen to explore long exposure photography.
Delving into composition, angles, potential shots, and camera technicalities.
Jess shall be there to answer any queries and to help achieve your desired image.
If possible, a tea and coffee break

Debrief (15 minutes)

Refreshing on what we learnt throughout the session.
Any final questions? (a good opportunity to discuss post-production and editing).
Feedback and recommendations for future classes.

Ticket Price

£45.00 per person*. Places are pre-book only, on a first come first served basis.

Max of 4 people per session.

For initial enquiries, please email david@cullenseaschool.co.uk

Cullen Sea School

The Harbour Building, Cullen Harbour
AB56 4AG