Logie Steading Art Gallery presents a new exhibition by Cathy Haworth.

Cathy says about herself: “I like coffee shops, purple paint, birthdays, and where I live. I don’t like mushroom soup, red paint, violent films, or crowded places.

“I designed Greeting Cards from 2011-2015. Designing cards for Valentine’s Day was my favourite time. I like designing things that (hopefully) make people smile.

“I’m a freelancer graphic designer. It pays the bills, but I much prefer painting to being sat at a screen nowadays.

“I really hope one day that I can paint full time (fingers, toes and everything else crossed).

“My Square Room exhibition was postponed from March 2021 to now. Not sure where the year went but I’m really excited about it. I love Logie.

“I make up the scenes I paint, am not very good at painting what I see, but they are always inspired by The Highlands. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

Logie Steading Art Gallery

Logie Steading
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