Reset // Re-energise // Refocus

Have you ever experienced that moment of clarity when out on a bike, a run or a long walk?

Have you had your breath taken away when swimming in a loch, only to be followed by amazing creative thought?

Changing your physiological state alters your emotions, behaviours, actions and results.
And enjoying physical activity improves learning and mental performance.

Adventure Coaching combines the best elements of activity, nature and professional coaching, creating a shift in mind-set and the achievement of new results.

We coach passion into performance. Our passion is the great outdoors, activity and coaching.

In September 2020, we are hosting Adventure Coaching – Lossiemouth Edition.

Set within Lossiemouth and the surrounding Moray region, you will experience a connection with nature, challenging physical activity, ring-fenced time to find mental clarity and opportunity to plan for success.

This is a 1 day group event designed to push members physically and mentally, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to work on achieving key personal goals.

It provides time in a new environment to focus, and deep intensive coaching that will create insight and ideas.

Led by our expert guides Anna Riddell & Martin Covill, Lossiemouth Edition incorporates physical activity outside in the elements and professional group coaching.

Our physical fitness expert is Anna Riddell of RideOut Coaching, based in Moray.
Anna is a mountain bike racer and an expert rider coach. She is an ambassador for Endura Sport and a member of their Ground Division programme, an initiative to support grassroots cycling. Anna is the owner/founder of www.rideoutcoaching.co.uk and is a keen surfer and
wild swimmer.

Our mental fitness expert is Martin Covill of Mindful Coaching.
With over 25 years business management experience, Martin is accredited with the Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice by the Association for Coaching and the Professional Certificate in Management by the Open University.
Martin is the owner/founder of www.mindfulcoaching.today and is a keen cyclist and wild swimmer.

Event details:
Saturday 5th September 2020
The session starts at 10am and finishes around 4pm.
All activities are out in the elements.

The event has been created with social distancing requirements in mind and will be adapted if guidelines change.

The attendance fee is £175 per member.
This includes a coaching journal for use during the event.

Bike and wetsuit hire is available, alternatively members can use their own.
Places are limited to 5 members each day.

Email martin@mindfulcoaching.today to reserve your spot.

Lossiemouth East Beach Car Park

Lossiemouth - East Beach