Adventure Coaching is coming – Are you ready?

What is Adventure Coaching?

It’s a ‘state-changer’, an opportunity to change your physiological state and your mental state.
It’s a retreat, personal time to focus on you.
It’s a chance to switch off your devices, use your energy to transport yourself, reconnect with nature and lose yourself in deep thought.

This is 1 day that will push you physically and mentally, ring-fenced time for you to maximise that moment of mental clarity that follows physical exercise.

Amazing things happen to the mind and body when you enjoy aerobic exercise, you might have experienced that moment of creative thought when out on a run or a bike ride…

Research shows that cycling for 30 minutes increases your brain processing speed, enabling you to complete tasks quicker and more accurately. Hormones are released, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, making you feel happy and energised. This is ‘state-change’.

Adventure Coaching Aviemore Edition is led by Anna from www.rideoutcoaching.co.uk
and Martin from www.mindfulcoaching.today. We guide you through a day packed with 7 stages of mental, physical and mindfulness activity that utilise state-change, giving you the ring-fenced time to re-set, re-energise and re-focus on the future.

You will leave the event feeling a greater sense of purpose, clearer direction and a plan to achieve brilliant things.

They say ‘difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations’ and this is very true.
The path to satisfaction has a number of self limiting barriers in the way.
This event will help you identify and remove those barriers, and set your internal sat nav to give you new direction.

This edition of our Adventure Coaching Series takes place in one of the most iconic and beautiful parts of Great Britain, Aviemore and the Cairngorms National Park.

With 5 of the UK’s 6 highest mountains, huge forests, amazing waterfalls and the clearest lochs, you will feel like you have entered another world far far away.
We will be exploring this amazing place on mountain bikes and will be coached and led by Anna who is a professional mountain bike rider coach and brand ambassador for www.endurasport.com.
Anna will teach you how to ride these highland trails like a MTB pro, sharing her extensive knowledge that will ensure whatever your biking experience, you will learn new skills and enjoy every moment.

Not only is Aviemore a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit. it’s also accessible at just 45mins from Inverness Airport and under 2.5hrs from Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Adventure Coaching Aviemore Edition provides a unique retreat, a personal connection with self, with nature, with the great outdoors and with likeminded people.
It’s a group event and a personal experience.

At the very start you will be given an Adventure Coaching Journal to record your thoughts and ideas throughout the event, and be given the chance to share any insights that come up for you during the day.

You will have the opportunity to visualise your most desired outcomes and will be asked questions that will encourage you to dig deep and challenge those self limiting beliefs. You will think about what you need to let go of, the impact that will make and the steps you can take to bring your life in line with your values.

You will have opportunity to look inwards through mindfulness activity, enjoying a new sense of balance through forest bathing and learn new skills to reduce stress and anxiety through meditation and conscious breathing, all outside in the natural setting of the Scottish Highlands.

Want to join us at this amazing location and enjoy
Adventure Coaching Aviemore Edition?

The attendance fee is £250 per person.

This includes:
A full day of professional state-change coaching and mountain bike coaching,
Mountain bike hire and a light lunch.
Mindful living advice, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

All participants receive a complementary journal and a follow up coaching call to discuss your next steps to achieve your chosen goals.

This event is a unique retreat that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to maximise 2021.

We have limited places for this event and will of course be running it in line with Covid guidelines. Should the event have to be cancelled due to any change in rules, the attendance fee will be
refunded in full.

We will ask for a £30 deposit on booking, with the balance taken before the event.
All payments are fully refunded in the event of cancellation or you being unable to attend due to Covid restrictions in your area.

If you wish to attend but are currently restricted due to local lockdowns, that’s ok.
Secure your place and we will review restrictions nearer the event.

To secure your place, email martin@mindfulcoaching.today and say ‘i’m in’ – we will then be in touch to make your booking.

Here is some feedback from some of those who attended Adventure Coaching Lossiemouth Edition in September:

Adventure Coaching was an amazing way of building connections – to the other participants, to the environment we were in and to myself. It gave space for reflection and stimulation – the physical activity fuelling the mind’s ability to contemplate, to go deep and to get creative. The instruction and facilitation was excellent and the flow of the day left me both physically weary
(in a well-earned way) and mentally energised – Raymy

From the adrenaline rush of biking through the Forest to the incredible meditation and sounds of the Sea & Trees. The adventure coaching took me on a physical and mental journey I’ll never forget – Gerry

A great way to have some “me” time and to take at a good look at yourself while doing fun exercise. A great introduction to coaching and mindfulness while cycling through a lovely forest – Mickael

Aviemore - Secret Location